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Thank you so much for being a constant in our dogs lives, we love you! 

~We appreciate your hard work and dedication to those in your care, we are so glad and lucky to have you as part of all our lives here, thanks a lot!

~You are such a blessing.  We are so happy and lucky to have you in our lives.  Thunder has been so content at nights and such a happy boy.  Thank you for taking such good care of him.

~I love Doggie Dance! And more importantly, my dog loves Doggie Dance!  I am so pleased with the great care that you give my dog--both on his regular walks and when he daycares with you.  If I can't have my pup at home, I'd rather he'd be at Doggie Dance than anywhere else!  Thank you!

~Awesome thank you!  Yeah, I know they're in great hands, you're the best!  I can never leave the east bay because of you!
~Doggie Dance is terrific.  My dog Ethel is so excited when Devin arrives & her usual dog walking group are waiting for her.  When I come home from work, my dog is calm, happy, & mellow.  Once, we were out walking at Point Isabel & my dog went running up to a big dog, wagging, gave them kisses & of course, it turned out to be Devin walking a couple dogs from her regular group.  Devin is totally trustworthy & very loving!


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