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Hi Devin,
We appreciate your hard work and dedication to those in your care, we are so glad and lucky to have you as part of all our lives here, thanks a lot!


Berkeley, Ca 

You are such a blessing.  We are so happy and lucky to have you in our lives.  Thunder has been so content at nights and such a happy boy.  Thank you for taking such good care of him.
Mel S, 
Oakland, Ca

I love Doggie Dance! And more importantly, my dog loves Doggie Dance!  I am so pleased with the great care that you give my dog--both on his regular walks and when he daycares with you.  If I can't have my pup at home, I'd rather he'd be at Doggie Dance than anywhere else!  Thank you!
Jennifer Kirk
Berkeley, Ca

Awesome thank you!  Yeah, I know they're in great hands, you're the best!  I can never leave the east bay because of you!
Martine B.
Berkeley, Ca 
Devin of Doggie Dance is terrific.  My dog Ethel is so excited when Devin arrives & her usual dog walking group are waiting for her.  When I come home from work, my dog is calm, happy, & mellow.  Once, we were out walking at Point Isabel & my dog went running up to a big dog, wagging, gave them kisses & of course, it turned out to be Devin walking a couple dogs from her regular group.  Devin is totally trustworthy & very loving!  
Carolyn R.
Berkeley, Ca

WE LOVE DEVIN!!!!  Our doggy JJ is her biggest fan, next to his 2 moms.  Even though we walk JJ & Bandit ( our older doggy ) together every morning, it's not enough for him.  JJ really prefers running with a bigger pack, especially if most of the dogs are young & full of energy.  JJ actually waits by the gate every Tuesday anticipating Devin's arrival, his behavior really confirms how much he enjoys his outings.  Devin has not only contributed to his social skills, but the exercise / workout she gives him, keeps him fit.  We always look forward to coming home after work on Tuesday's after his run, when he greets quietly, just smiling from his days adventure.
Ruth V.
Oakland, Ca
(JJ napping with his Christmas gift from Auntie Devin)


Dear Devin, 
Just a little something to Thank you for taking such great care of us.  We are ready to go back to the park with the pack, we both need a run & are ready to play!!  Thanks again for all you do!!  We doggone love you  =)  
Rocco & Nola
Martine B.
Berkeley, Ca


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