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► Play Group.....where your dog will have endless amounts of fun & adventure, with other social & friendly dogs.  Your dog will spend anywhere from 3-5 hours with us, running & playing at the best leash free dog parks & trails in the Bay.


► K9 Stay & Play (overnight care).....so the dog can play while you're away, in our home away from home.  Nothing beats a good nap on a lush doggie bed after a fun play group, & waking up hungry & refreshed makes a perfect time for training, or turning up the speakers & dancing.  While staying at casa de Doggie Dance, we ensure your pooch will have daily fun park play, home play, and training and treat time, making for a well balanced experience from which they will come home happy to see you.    


 Critter Care.....small animal boarding for birds, reptiles, and rabbits.  We are a safe and reliable resource, with lots of personal and professional experience, as well as love.  We provide responsible care for your exotic pet. 


► Toe Nail Trims.....short nails are safe & make general mobility & play hassle free.  


► Anal Gland Express.....it may feel good for your dog to scoot his butt across the carpet or floor, & you may even think it's cute or funny, however this is usually a sign that your dogs anal glands need to be expressed.  I can teach you how to do this at home, or I will take care of business for you. 



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